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Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
Can I get an "Amen!"?




True, the UN has "rules"

Apparently letting people waste in Darfur is one of them.

diggin' in the dirt

This Christian sounds a lot different from the sermons I could hear wafting from the windows of the church on the corner of my block last summer. That congregation was saying plenty about keeping a close eye on certain types people because they hate you because you're Christians and would like nothing better than to kill your family. They're all around us, you know. Stay alert... & now we'll pass the collection plate & sing along terribly to this hymn played on the organ.

Then bother to give me the stink-eye on their way back to their SUV which happens to be blocking my driveway because they can't sail their boat accurately. I was gardening rather than joining your paranoiafest. Pray for me.

I like Meyers' perspective better than all that.

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